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Gum Disease Treatment Near Dawson

Experiencing significant gum discomfort or swelling? Ignoring any underlying pain can be severe and is thus essential to consult a professional for gum disease treatment.


At Supreme Dental Heyfield, we can help treat even the most challenging cases of gum disease with a gum disease treatment near Dawson. With our dedicated team, we not only offer expert care but also continuous guidance to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. Schedule your appointment today.


Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease, commonly referred to as periodontal disease, is a bacterial infection that targets your gums and causes immense pain. If you notice your gums swelling or bleeding at the slightest touch, these could be early indicators of gum disease. Persistent bad breath, often due to bleeding and inadequate oral care, is another sign of gum disease.

Seeking prompt treatment for gum disease can prevent it from progressing further and making it worse. A periodontist, in this case, can provide the right treatment and ensure your gums stay in good health for years to come.

How Does Gum Disease Develop?

Gum disease progresses in stages, starting from a mild inflammation called ‘gingivitis’ and potentially advancing to a more severe condition known as ‘periodontitis’. As the disease develops, you might encounter symptoms like gum pockets or even bone loss around the teeth. Addressing the stages early on can help prevent them from advancing and preventing your dental health.

Here's how gum disease typically develops:

1. Gingivitis:This initial stage may present with slightly reddened or swollen gums. The silver lining here is that there's no bone loss at this point. By stepping up your dental care routine and making regular visits to the dentist, you can fully reverse gingivitis.

Mild Periodontitis: If unchecked, gingivitis can transition into this stage. You'll notice your gums beginning to pull away from the teeth, accompanied by some bone loss. This situation gives rise to 'periodontal pockets', spaces where plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria find refuge, out of reach from standard brushing and flossing.

Moderate Periodontitis: Here, the disease takes a more aggressive turn, leading to a significant loss of bone around the teeth. Bacteria continue to assault the soft tissues and ligaments essential for tooth health, resulting in gums that might feel particularly tender or sensitive.

Severe Periodontitis: This advanced stage sees bone loss reaching critical levels, risking teeth becoming loose or even falling out. Symptoms can include bleeding gums, visible pus around the gum margins, and persistent bad breath, or halitosis.

Why Us for Gum Disease Treatment near Dawson?

The dentists at Supreme Dental Heyfield have been proudly serving near Dawson area and nearby with gum treatments for several years and have become a preferred name among patients. Our skilled and approachable team will conduct a thorough oral assessment, perform expert dental scaling and cleaning, and craft a personalised treatment to restore your gums back in good shape.

Maintaining healthy gums is an essential part of good oral care, something we live by. Our treatment is tailored for each patient and can ensure maximum comfort during the procedure. Book our appointment now.

My gums are swollen but I feel no pain, does this mean I don't have the disease?

In many cases, gum disease can progress without causing any discomfort. So, even if you're not feeling any pain, it's still possible to have gum disease.

Could gum disease lead to tooth loss?

Yes. Periodontal disease can be a reason you might lose your teeth, even more so than cavities or injuries. As periodontitis weakens the surrounding tissues of your teeth, they begin to wobble over time.Without timely professional care, the ongoing loss of tissue and bone will eventually cause teeth to come loose.

How can I proactively prevent it from happening?

The best way to prevent the disease from occurring is to pay attention to your oral hygiene. We recommend making it a habit to brush your teeth twice a day with regular flossing and mouth washing. Keeping your mouth spotless is the most straightforward approach to ward off bacterial infections.

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